Sports Field Renovation

Sports Field Renovation

From cleats to wind, ball fields face opponents 24/7. When it comes time to restore your field’s safety, look and performance, Motz Turf Farms can help you hear the sweet words “PLAY BALL”.

When to Renovate?

Play and safety are tied to a field’s condition; addressing this simple statement is before poor conditions cause game cancellations or player injury. Ideally, these renovations wait for the offseason, but when stopgap measures prove insufficient, more intensive/timely repairs may be called for. With our fast renovation techniques, a field can be back in play in a relatively short period of time. So keep in mind, with turnaround times of a day or two, your opportunity to address field issues may be bigger than you think.

How to Renovate?

Our frank discussions with coaches and staff have given us valuable insight on irrigation, desired field size, safety concerns, and more.  A careful study of the field from different vantage points gives essential clues on the best corrective action. Special attention to drainage should always be paid, as well as advice on whether major repairs are in order or more economical adjustments are available.

With our expertise and attention to detail, we stand ready to tackle your toughest field.

When action is called for, we hope you chose Motz Turf Farms, a local, family owned, business offering leadership and experience in field restorations as well as…

• Written analysis, detailing corrective actions and exact cost

• Unique equipment and techniques developed from over 47 years of experience

• Locally grown turf

• Big Roll sod for fewer seams and faster return to play

• Friendly, low-pressure business philosophy, with continued support after the sale