Frequently Asked Questions about Synthetic Turf

Frequently Asked Questions about Synthetic Turf

The installation of artificial or synthetic turf has been a hot topic for many homeowners in the recent years due to a concern with water conservation and a desire to cut down on time spent maintaining a lawn. If you’ve ever had a hard time getting your lawn to look it’s best, maybe synthetic turf is right for you. Because of its durability, easy maintenance, and no reliance on decent weather, it’s an easy choice for many homeowners. Take a read through some frequently asked questions about synthetic turf to see if it’s right for you.

What maintenance is involved with synthetic turf?

Your synthetic turf should be rinsed and cleaned, as needed based on traffic and use.


Will water drain from synthetic turf?

Water drains readily through synthetic turf. (Faster than natural)


Will synthetic turf harm my pets?

Synthetic turf is great for pets, allowing them to exercise outdoors in all weather conditions. (No muddy paws!) Urine will not damage or stain synthetic turf, and its durable construction prevents digging.


Should I have infill in my synthetic turf?

Infill is the foundation for your synthetic turf, helping to prevent crushing and compression of turf blades. It also acts as ballast, giving weight and stability to your lawn.


Where do I find synthetic turf?

Motz Turf Farms, LTD. has recently become an authorized distributor of residential and commercial synthetic turf for The Motz Group, Inc., the region’s leading installer of sports and recreation fields. Their technical support is combined with our leading experience and reputation to deliver top quality synthetic turf to residential and commercial customers throughout the Tri-state.

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