About Us

About Us

For years, Motz Turf Farms has been growing strong roots in the Greater Cincinnati area. Established in 1868, the proud tradition of cultivating high quality crops has been passed down from generation to generation. Since 1969, the Motz family has concentrated its agricultural expertise on turf. Today, under the leadership of Dan and David Motz, Motz Turf Farms’ exceptional turf products, knowledgeable staff and commitment to service have made it a leader in turf grass sales and installations throughout Cincinnati. That’s why you’ll find Motz turf products under foot in many places; homes, athletic fields, new residential subdivisions, restaurants, retail centers, and office complexes to name a few.

Motz Office

Motz Turf Farms, Ltd. is committed to helping you "keep it green." We are look forward to supplying you with high quality turf and services.

Please feel free to stop by Motz Turf Farms, where you will always be greeted with a smile. Together we can work to find solutions for all your projects. We enjoy what we do and anticipate many more years of strong, friendly and dependable service.

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